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“Unbearably exciting... Edge of my seat? I was very nearly under it **** “ Sunday Telegraph

“energetic” “extreme” “pace and energy remain high” “truly a talented bunch” “heart stopping, hair raising and “don’t try this at home” moments” “a display of some of the most impressive and exciting circus acts” “leave the audience gasping” “a great show for the whole family.”

By Iain Sykes in the PUBLIC REVIEWS in a 4 star review on 24 Jan 2014

"Jaw-slackening spectacle... Heart-stoppingly good fun **** " Time Out

“mind-blowing” “the world's most dangerous circus act” “breath taking” “clear talent shines though” “This show is gloriously, death-defyingly, magnificently, ludicrously fantastic”

By Geoff Hodge in WHATS ON STAGE in a 4 Star Review on 24 Jan 2014

"...will leave you astonished" Daily Mail

“fast-paced circus-with-a-difference” “a veritable feast for the eyes and ears.” “audience on the edge of their seats.” “spectacular”

By Lisa Gray in a 4 star review for the Manchester Evening News 23.01.14

"Makes Cirque du Soleil look wimpish ... leaves one breathless with excitement"Daily Telegraph

“has to be seen to be believed” “death defying stunts” “the effect is breath-taking” “I too have never seen anything quite like the globe of death. It is the undoubted highlight of this eclectic circus show and worth the ticket price alone” “brings an exciting twist to some of the traditional circus acts” “It’s a magical show and all the more breath-taking because there are no illusions, the danger is very real”

Reviewer Carmel Thomason in Manchester Theatre Awards 24 Jan 2014

Responses to the first ever Cirque Berserk theatre tour, January - February 2014